RS | Leader in moulds manufacturing      

Certified quality die casting moulds

Our products are attest by the quality system ISO 9001:2015 for the design and construction of die casting- and thermoplastic moulds

With a view towards tradition and innovation, RS has guaranteed the trust of its clients over the years by always maintaining the highest production quality in every area, achieving ISO 9001 certification.

Each mould designed is always accompanied by:

  • 2D Designs.
  • 3D Model.
  • Mould schematics.
  • Itemized details for elements subject to replacement.
  • Certification of materials used.
  • Certification of heat treatments used.

We are also able to provide you, on request, the sampling of the moulds and the dimensional control of the pieces thanks to our ROMER portable measuring arm with integrated laser scanner and our tactile measuring machine ASF Altera C.