RS | Leader in moulds manufacturing      

Company Profile

A dynamic and functional work environment.

Starting as a small workshop, RS has seen its horizons expand to become the leading supplier to important automotive companies. An important restyling of the administrative, technical and sales offices has created a dynamic and functional environment. Fully-equipped meeting rooms allow interfacing with new and current clients to put together optimum strategies and provide maximum consultation in every aspect of production.

4000 m

RS is a pioneer of innovation.

A 4000 m2 machine tools park and continuous investments have also allowed the company to become competitive in the production of medium-large sized die-casting moulds, utilising a capacity of movement of up to 40 tons.
The highly-qualified and innovative staff creates the right balance between inventiveness and experience.
RS is a pioneer of innovation, and to that end, makes space for willing young designers to make the passion that distinguishes the company their own.